Forex Analysis and Content via API and Web Apps

TraderMade provides clean, concise and clear technical analysis, content and trade ideas in real-time. Our content and analysis can be easily integrated by your developers within the existing web and mobile applications. Includes Fibonacci, Candlestick pattern, forex analysis and much more.

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API Features

Technical Specification
Supported Content Our Forex analysis API provides content for over 40+ currencies. This includes fibonacci patterns, forex analysis, high low Alerts and candlestick patterns.Try content API for free
Markets Covered Currently we cover content for 40+ most popular currency pairs but this list is continously growing. Please visit documentation page with each endpoint giving a detailed summary of respective currency pairs
Number of updates 100s of trade ideas and analysis throught the day.
Whats included Our API provides market information and patterns that can be plotted within third-party apps, we also provide chart images for our patterns
Types of Content Fibonacci Patterns:
  • 1, 4 hour alerts on Gartley, Bat, Crab and Butterfly Patterns
  • Candlestick Patterns:
  • 6 hour and daily pattrens for over 50 Candlestick patterns
  • Forex Analysis:
  • 4 Intraday and daily updates for over 24 currency pairs
  • High Low Alerts:
  • Weekly, monthly, multi-month and Year Alerts
  • HTTP Method Supported GET
    Protocol Supported REST
    Security Mode HTTPS, SSL Encryption
    Formats JSON, CSV
    UTC Timestamps Yes
    Uptime 99.99%
    Fully Redundant Servers Yes
    Dedicated Internet Connection Yes
    Online Documentation Visit the Analysis Docs Page
    Sample Code Visit the example code page for Python, PHP and Javascript
    Can I try using the Analysis API? Yes absolutely, Try our API for yourself
    Can I try your data Content API for Free? Yes, our basic plan is free and no credit card required
    Where can I find technical support? Live chat with us,or email us.

    Who Uses Our Analysis and Content API

    Our Analysis and Content API is used for a variety of purposes

    As trading volumes within the Foreign Exchange markets are growing exponentially every year (for BIS statistics, click here), the demand for quality, trusted and efficient analysis and research is also required to meet a variety of business purposes. Whether you are a major financial institution looking to provide your customers with an "edge" in the financial markets or a start-up aiming to disrupt the current status-quo, creating high quality and trusted research is very expensive, time consuming and difficult to implement efficiently.

    The increased popularity of mobile and non-desktop trading means the need to engage a growing cross-section of end-users at different levels of financial experience, is also required. To enable your business to flourish, you need a complete set of tools that maximises your clients chances of success.

    Here at TraderMade, we have a suite of research and analysis that can meet your business needs. Our market-leading Research API provides a continual stream of analysis, research and FX news that can be integrated into existing and/or new technology infrastructure. We provide rolling analysis in twenty-four FX markets, market data-driven pattern recognition and live pricing. These alerts produce hundreds of high-quality and trusted market alerts that can be consumed via a webpage, portal solution plus via email and social media channels.

    We have provided some working customer examples on how TraderMade Research API can work within multiple segments within the financial markets. Speak to us today for more information

    As the popularity of online trading has developed over recent years, the demand for quality, trusted and value-adding research and analysis has also increased. Online Brokers therefore choose TraderMade as their preferred provider of technical and fundamental analysis which can be delivered via the Research API.

    Our Broker solutions have been proven to generate more leads, improve client conversion & increase client retention rates. Our end-to-end turnkey solution enables your traders to find new opportunities that exist in the financial markets, while enabling them to manage risk more effectively.

    We understand the business of Online Brokerages. Increase the acquisition of leads via our social media and email marketing by using the TraderMade Research API. Nurture your leads into customer conversions by using our educational content and retain your traders by improving end-user risk management with our live streaming analysis and updates. With all patterns, analysis and signals producing over a 60% return, our quality, trusted and reliable products allow your traders to make more accurate and profit-making decisions in the financial markets.

    Developers also demand trusted and high-quality analysis and research to use within technology projects for apps. This is why we are the option that is preferred by App Developers. We provide a range of analysis that is able to be consumed by novice and experienced market participants that allows easy integration into existing technology as a turnkey solution.

    With mobile trading likely to increase to 37% of all retail volumes*, this popularity and preferred method cannot be ignored. Technology needs to cater immediately for these customers, which the TraderMade Research API does. Our endpoint provides a signal, commentary and image - giving a complete trusted solution that can be easily integrated for desktop and/or mobile users.

    Our data driven alerts and live streaming data can be displayed for trading and non-trading purposes. Whether you have a current client base that requires a value-add or are a start-up with big ideas - TraderMade will be able to add immediate benefits to your technology app - speak to us today for more information. *Source: Finance Magnates for more info click here here

    TraderMade has a long-established relationship with educational providers. These financial market educational providers demand quality and trusted third-party analysis that can be used within current established infrastructure, or for new technology projects.

    Keeping prospects and customers engaged with your business can be difficult and potentially very expensive, the demand for continual high-quality data-driven research, analysis and live streaming data is difficult to source and harder to trust. Our technology API solutions mean that the companies we work with can focus on training and educating their customers correctly, without the worry of producing sub-standard content.

    Our pattern recognition software is especially popular with this section of the market, as traditional technical analysis techniques are used to create alerts continuously throughout the working week on a 24/5 basis.

    We strive to enable all financial participants to succeed in the markets. Therefore trading educational providers choose TraderMade as their preferred provider, plus we will not be beaten on price. Speak to us today for more information.

    With increasing trading volumes every year, the demand for quality FX analysis and research has also multiplied in recent years. Sales teams require live trading ideas that both have potential to maximize profits and minimize unnecessary risk. Our data-driven Forex analysis provides Sales teams with trusted and back-tested ideas in twenty-four currency pairs in both the Intraday (rolling 6 hour) and Short-Term (rolling 24 hour) timeframes, complete with trade idea, commentary and risk management profile.

    We are especially popular with Deliverable Forex brokers that need immediate engaging content when speaking to clients or via email channels. Our Research API allows a huge coverage for FX markets, plus also a specific FX related live streaming news feed - so our clients are aware of any market-moving global fundamental events.

    All content can be pushed onto existing technology or onto client-side GUI's by using the TraderMade Research API. Speak to us today for more information on how we can empower your Sales teams to distribute quality Forex analysis and research for your client-base today.

    The Research API is used by many established and start up Fintech companies for a variety of purposes. Our clients can redistribute our quality FX research, signals, patterns, important trading information or live data onto internal websites or for external projects.

    If you want to challenge and eventually usurp entrenched financial services providers by serving your customers more efficiently and with better technology, then our Research API will enable you to disrupt the current marketplace. All Research content is fully responsive and customizable on tablet and mobile technology. We also produce Analysis and Research for many cryptocurrencies along with the FX markets.

    Create new worldwide markets whilst improving the customer experience by delivering high-quality, institutional-grade analysis and research today by integrating the TraderMade Research API. Our wealth of experience, wide variety of clients and experienced development and support team mean that we can help integrate our solutions for a variety of reasons, depending on your business goals.

    Since the creation of the company in the 1980's, TraderMade has a long-established relationship with most of the major global financial institutions. We were one of the first companies to trap and store traded FX rates, these were plotted on our applications for the Bank's Traders to use.

    The evolution of the business and the financial markets have meant that our many institutions use our FX Research, we pride ourselves on providing very high quality and trusted analysis that is consumed internally by the Banks Trading Desks, plus also their Corporate clients when taking trading decisions. TraderMade Research can also meet unbundling MiFID II rules and satisfy regulatory requirements.

    Institutional clients tend to focus on the longer-term analysis that we create. We continually provide a trusted third-party technical analysis in twenty-four FX markets over the Intraday, Short and Medium term timeframes. Our pattern recognition is also favoured by our institutional clientele as data-driven alerts are immediately produced and sent onto in-house GUI's and/or via email.

    How Can We Help

    How fast can I integrate with Analysis and Content API?

    Our FX Analysis API can be integrated within few days in most cases. Our interactive developer portal helps you take full use of our content API. We have comprehensive documentation with sample code for Python, PHP and JavaScript.

    Do you provide custom solutions to businesses?

    We're here to help you via our chat app on our website or through contact us form. Alternatively talk to our FX content specialist at +44(0) 20 8313 0992

    How does the TraderMade content API integration work?

    We have flexible solutions and integration support to allow you to use our content quickly. Visit our analysis api docs page for documentation. or you can talk to our integration specialist